Hey everyone! I am the founder of BELOVED UNLOVABLES, Elizabeth Newell. I am a single mother who struggles in poverty. I fought an eleven year battle with self-injury but the beginning of 2017 will mark my third year in remission! This is something I never thought was going to be possible. I was homeless in 2010, but have come so far since then. I’ve been diagnosed with mental illness after mental illness. I’ve stayed in many psych hospitals. I have expansive and permanent scarring from my years of self injury. I’ve struggled with hunger and use food pantries and community resources. Recently I came out, being true to myself, about being gay.awesome-sweater-again

For years I believed the lies surrounding me from society that because of my struggles, I was not worthy of love. I believed I would only deserve love and make a difference once I stopped cutting my skin, never had anymore mental breakdowns, was out olizf poverty, and socially acceptable. Despite my innate love to give, being gifted was something that I struggled with even up to two months ago. Through my deep faith, prayer, and support from many beautiful people, I realized I do deserve to not only love, but be loved because I am beloved.

I work at a library in a poor community where I come in contact with so
many people just like me. Drug addicts. Impoverished. Lonely. Mentally ill. Drunks. Drop outs. Rejects. Unlovables. Yet in everyone of them, I see me, and I see God, and I see love. I love these broken people that society has rejected. I have been that person. I am that person. That is why I have started Beloved Unlovables. I want to find the unlovables of this world and let them know they are beloved and deserve to be loved. You don’t have to be whole. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be Christian or religious. You don’t have to be anything except who you are right now in this moment. Be.U. You are beloved. This site is for you.





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