We’re living’ in America

Land of freedom

But what are we free from

When there’s violence


Fighting our oppression

People fight against us

Mothers and sons

Houses divided

A country united?

A country whited

Can’t keep our mouths shut

Long enough to listen

We take a position

Then refuse to move. 

Hate is not the answer

Judgement not a solution

Love is the resolution

But our pride is pollution. 

Fathers and daughters

We’re better than this

Quit following false light

Put up a fight

No it won’t be easy

I’m not saying it will be

But we’re too proud to be

Silent with humility. 

When someone else takes a turn

To speak before we do

We open our mouths

Wait to reply

Never really hear what’s said

Only what we think we hear

In our closed heads

We are in need of empathy

But we’re posioned with apathy

And the first who speaks

Is the last who listens

You fool in’ yourself

When you say you’re just trying to help

Words never got shit done

Let’s see some action

Take a stand against oppression

Instead of justifying your position

It’s not enough to be quiet

We are a country in need of a love riot

People who are brave enough to speak

To go against the masses

Naked and loud


That is real bravery


But that’s what we’re afraid of

We don’t live in freedom

We are not free from

Our ignorance and fear

We’re captive to ourselves 

Moths in need of light

But we’re killing ourselves

Following the false kind

Too scared to find

That we might be wrong

We’d rather die

Than lower our pride

Rid ourselves of false light. 

So we stay in one place

Make excuses

Quit the race

Before it’s begun

Say we already got freedom

But who is free

And what are we free from

This ain’t freedom

It’s masked oppression

An illusion of false light. 

If you could only turn away

You’d see

But that takes vulnerability


Seeing your reflection

In those you stand against. 

I might be oppressed

Livin’ in poverty 

With a disability

A single mother struggling

But I’m not the one in need of saving

I know how to fight

I refuse to follow false light

I’ve seen darkness

Know the shame of humility

But as I was humiliated

Cast aside


I got stronger than before

No I’m back up to knock down some doors

You can’t silence me

You took everything else away from me

Now I’ve got nothing to lose

So I can speak honestly

Without fear of humility 

Ain’t nothing you can do to me

You’re either with or against me

Where is your empathy

The first will be last 

And the last will be first

Remember that if you reply

Want to object

Or even take a side

The first who speaks

Is the last to listen

But the last who speaks

Is the one who hears the most

And of the one who hears the most

Is the one who learns the most

So the last who speaks

Carries the most wisdom

America be silent!

Turn off the light 

We are a country of freedom

But we are a country and need to be freed from

Our pride and our ignorance

From following false light

That has made us blind

To what the problem really is

And the problem is we ain’t free

We are a country in need

Of vulnerability 


We are a country in need

Not a country that’s freed. 

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